St. Kilda Summer

P1010714I’ve been delaying writing a blog about our experience in St. Kilda for some time. There is so much I could say and yet I’m not sure where to start. It’s amazing how quickly the time flies once you get comfortable in a place… it’s not until you look back that you realize how much has happened. As the saying goes, the days feel long and the weeks short. As cliché as it is, it’s so true. As much as we’ve fallen in love with St. Kilda it would have been a totally different experience if it weren’t for our Calypso family joining us on Act II of our Aussie workcation. It has been the most memorable experience of my life and we were lucky enough to share it with some awesome people we consider lifelong friends.

P1020149Located 40 minutes by tram from Melbourne, St. Kilda gave us the perfect blend of city and sea. Melbourne has been named both the cultural and foodie capital of Australia for good reason. It’s a melting pot of ethnic cuisine and from what I’ve found, truly authentic. It seems more and more foreigners are migrating here and opening up businesses to take advantage of the Aussie good life. The only thing that isn’t authentic is the Mexican food. As a trade off for good Mexican, they have top-notch Asian eateries everywhere. Our staples lately have been laksa, pho, and sushi ($2.50/roll!). If you ever find yourself in Melbourne I have so many recommendations for you (about 10lbs worth). We’ve also grow quite accustom to the amazing public transport, daily markets, free shows of all kinds (music, circus, comedy) and, most importantly, the beach being 3 blocks from our doorstep. Yes, there is surely quite a bit we will miss about this place.

It didn’t take long for us to feel like St. Kilda was ‘our’ city. There are constantly new activities and events happening in and around the city that encourage community involvement. One of the most epic events of the year was hosted on our last weekend in St. Kilda. The annual town festival is a week long event that celebrates Australian music, food, and art. On the last day of the festival the streets of St. Kilda are completely blocked off and multiple stages are set up anywhere they can find space; back alleys, gardens, street-side, and the main stage right on St. Kilda Beach. All of this FREE, of course, because St. Kilda really is awesome. Here’s a short video of one DJ who played on the main stage at sunset, just to give you an idea of the local support (thanks to Matt for the view from his shoulders): 

Yes, of all the places that claim to be ‘most livable’ I really think Melbourne and St. Kilda in the summer could be it. We’re going to miss this place a lot and the people we shared it with, even more so.

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