Children Unite


I had a proud and inspiring moment while picking Maya up from school the other day so I thought I’d pass it on.

Every Friday in most Australian schools there is an assembly at the end of the day. Every student from all grades gather in a central area to watch their fellow students get recognized for achievements, perform (dance, singing, & acts) and receive the weekly school announcements. It’s a brilliant way to end the week. After catching the end of the first one I attended, I started coming early on Fridays.

This Friday I was particularly touched. With all his peers watching a brave little boy came to the stage dressed in a black tank top and black gloves. I’d guess he was 8 or 9. The music starts and he slowing begins raising his arms high above his head with jazz hands, which kicks off into a solo dance number to Katy Perry. He did the splits during it and all. He was confident on that stage and totally owning it. As I stood there watching I could feel myself clenching my stomach and holding my breath trying to judge his peers’ reactions. For a 9 year old boy to perform a solo dance number in front of his entire school was a bold move. Or at least I thought…

Half way through the song one kid in the crowd started clapping to the beat. It spread steadily throughout the whole group until everyone was clapping along with this little boy during his rock-star moment. When he ended in this final pose the crowd was roaring and he felt amazing! For some reason this moment really struck me emotionally and I laughed back happy tears. What could’ve been a terrifying moment for this little guy was a total glory moment with the support of this classmates. I’m not sure if this performance would have unfolded differently in America, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see children having each others backs and supporting one another. I think it’s one of the most important lessons we can teach young people. Be accepting, be open-minded, and be a friend. And there’s no better way then leading by example.

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