Blue Mountains

blue mtns

Just West of Sydney are the beautiful Blue Mountains, which could easily be the most visited wilderness area in Oz. For comparison, think of a Grand Canyon sized gorge covered in a dense canopy of trees and misty waterfalls. In fact, they have even named a hike after it in recognition that they are an equal contender of grandeur. I’ll give it to them, this place really is Grand.

We planned to stay in the Blue Mountains for 3 days to cover the most iconic hikes and must-see lookouts. On day one we started in Blackheath where we visited some spectacular lookouts and the highest waterfall in the Blue Mountains, Bridal Veil Falls. We then put on our trekking footwear to see how their Grand Canyon hike compared to our own. Remarkably this hike was neither in our guide books or recommended by any of our fellow travelling mates. I say this with surprise because it had a multi-level ‘wow’ factor that, I’d say, is definitely worth mentioning. The hike started downslope, heading deep into the mountain gorge and continued along a river with steep canyon walls on either side. The 3 hour return brought us under mossy rock overhangs, across steep cliff outlooks, and above narrow slot canyons where the more burly hikers were repelling down the wall face into the complete darkness. Much unlike our barren Utah canyons, these were dripping in ferns and lush green foliage. Definite ‘wow’s’…

For all we know, every hike in the Blue Mountains could be this good, making it difficult to highlight the favorites. Unfortunately Matt and I cannot be sure because our plans were altered on day 2 and 3 when a huge storm struck the mountains and we were forced indoors. It’s much less dramatic to hike to a vista and lookout into complete white-ness. On the other hand it is a special opportunity to touch a cloud, as a sweet barista brought to our attention while we were hiding out from the rain. Good point, miss! A ‘special’ opportunity indeed…

After waiting out the storm for 2 days we decided to make moves and head into the city where perfect weather isn’t imperative. Next stop Sydney!

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  1. that sounds amazing. say, do they have tornados there?

  2. I would guess not too often… Prob like PC in the mountains 🙂

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