Dorrigo National Park


A split decision brought us off the Pacific Highway inland to check out Dorrigo National Park. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we needed a change of scenery. We feared becoming too accustom to the beautiful beaches (yeh, yeh). Half way down the coast I thought we may be getting into the prairie lands and pristine rolling hills with herds of kangaroos in the distance. Not the case.

Dorrigo must be one of the most diverse forests in Australia. We drove up a narrow winding road through thick jungle and small waterfalls at every turn, only to arrive atop a large green plateau or mountainous farm land. It was bizarre. After entering the forest, we started our tour on a boardwalk that jutted out over the top of the rainforest giving the most spectacular view of the jungle and mountain skyline. A completely different and rare perspective  of the environment. We continued on to a 6.6km circuit that was a sensory overload. It was name the The Walk of the Birds for good reason.  We were surrounded by a full-on bird party of sounds the entire way. I haven’t appreciated the communal sound of birds in this way for a while. On trail we spotted a 4ft Goanna Lizard, a wild kangaroo, a snake, and several smaller lizards. We crossed a suspension bridge to the Crystal Shower Falls where Matt took a dip in the chilly clear waters, then to Tristania Falls across a footbridge. There was a point that I looked at Matt and said ‘This is bloody epic’, without any irony whatsoever.

After our bloody epic day, we found a nice little area to park the van for the night along a river, surrounded by wildflowers. It was as if this day kept trying to outdo itself.  For the cherry on top, the fireflies came out to join us in the evening. I forgot how special these little bugs are and how much I miss them. In Utah I’ve always appreciated the lack of mosquitos and woodticks, but I never realized the other critters we miss out on in high altitude. It was nice to be reminded of home.

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