So long Cairns…


I would have never imagined us getting this attached to a hostel, but sure enough here we are 4 months later in near tears having to say goodbye to this place. I distinctly remember the first week we arrived in Cairns. We were greeted with a series of unpleasant events, starting with my computer breaking down and a nasty receptionist at the local temp agency – Ending with a dead-end job hunt and our money being put ‘on hold’ from the USA. In retrospect,  I think I was just homesick. Then came Calypso to the rescue.

A place with shared living spaces and no TV, you have no choice but to make friends with everyone, right? It was the best decision we ever made. The people we’ve met here are some of the best (and most hilarious) people we know and bring out the best in each other. Calypso is a place of no judgement. It’s not necessarily that you can ‘Be whoever you want to be’, but rather – Just be who you are. Gay, straight, black, white, or American.

I think it was easy to connect with these people because we shared the same love for travel, new experiences and global understanding. Wherever we go in this world I know that our best mates from Calypso will be out there somewhere having a ball and making the most of this beautiful life on this beautiful planet. I am confident that our paths will cross again at some point and when they do – It’s going to be an epic holiday.

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