Budget Foodies


I’ve coined a new term for ourselves; ‘Budget Foodies’. After being warned of high costs by everyone we knew who had traveled to Australia, we had prepared for grocery store self-catering. Melbourne, however, is the budget foodies paradise. After discovering a little Vietnamese gem where we had the best Pho of our lives, we decided to sit down and do some research on where we could find more places like it. Melbourne is lined with thousands of eateries on every street, however we were seeking the very best. Our budget was under $10AU and if the serving size was split-able, even better… Throw in some complimentary tea and we’re sold.

We knew the Dumpling House was an automatic, in which we had strict instructions from Matt’s brother to head there ASAP. It lived up to the description quite exactly; Terrible service, super speedy delivery, delicious & filling, and cheap as hell. We were happy.

The next stop was a Japanese place called Don Don’s, which we eventually found down a narrow back ally with a line out the door. This had to be my favorite. A giant bowl of curry and rice with 2 large wedges of tofu for $8AU. A steal in Aussie land. I believe there was 15 minutes of silence as we devoured our bowls to the last drop. Another favorite and a must-see (several times/week) was the Queen Victoria Market. Per Angie’s recommendation we enjoyed a delicious Borek sandwich for $3AU and picked up some fresh baked bread, a wheel of brie, and bottle of wine for next to nothing which we enjoyed at sunset on St. Kilda beach. A night I’ll not soon forget.

Our splurge night was The Little Hunter and worth every penny. Chef Gavin not only hosted us in his home, but in his kitchen as well and made certain that we left in a satisfied food coma. After the best 5 course meal of our lives, we polished it off with licorice ice-cream and apple custard pie in a jar… speechless.

All this eating had us well prepared for the next wave of our trip; Bikini’s and Barbies. YOLO!


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