Plane Awesome


When I say I love everything about travel, I mean it. Even the 18 hour plane excursion. The longer, the better I say… That way they give you free food and movies! The butterflies you get when you depart and land, anticipating what is yet to come or returning home to familiar faces… I even love turbulence. I’ve seen some amazing sunrises and starry nights, beautiful landscapes of mountains, endless ocean coastlines. I find it’s an experience that is underappreciated by many.

So as you can guess I had been looking forward to the flight for months now and it certainly did not disappoint. I had to fight sleep to stay awake for the 10+ movies I now had on my agenda. The food which seems to never end and ‘Yes, Miss I would like another vodka+GingerBeer. That sounds lovely.’ I was in heaven.

In the end I only made it through 3 movies before the flight attendant announced we were preparing for landing. What?! But I still needed to watch Argo! Okay fine, I’ll play  Yatzee instead… And then we were in Melbourne, Australia. I’m already in love with this place.

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